Americans are ready to embrace the fun and merriment of Halloween again, spending over $10 billion to make it the best ever. Our pets are joining the party, too. While a pig dog costume might not be in the top choices, it is a hilarious option, nevertheless. Your pup will certainly make a memorable impression on anyone that sees him.

Most manufacturers include size charts to help you get the best fit for your pet. You’ll find simple options if your dog isn’t crazy about wearing anything. You can also get the works with a nose-to-tail costume—and everything in between!

Dog Pig Costumes

Rubie's Walking Piggy Pet Costume

You can’t help but smile when you see Rubie's Walking Piggy Pet Costume. You have to do a lot of measuring for this one, which isn’t unusual for step-in outfits. There’s a helpful video to make sure you get everything done right. The costumes are 100-percent polyester for durability and safety tested by the manufacturer. It comes in five sizes.

small dog wearing a pig dog costume

Frisco Pig Dog

We dare you not to laugh out loud when you see the Frisco Pig Dog Costume on your pet. It comes in two polyester pieces, a hat, and a wrap for the body. The headpiece is adorable, with its embroidered face. The other part is adjustable to get the right fit. You can only spot clean the costume. It comes in six sizes.

dog staring a pumpkin and wearing a pig dog costume

Sijiali Pig Pet Costume

Your pup is sure to be the hit of the party, wearing the Sijiali Pig Pet Costume. It just screams for attention with its bouncy ears on this flannel hoodie. It fits over the front legs and onto your pet’s back. The soft material will keep your dog cozy warm. It’s also machine-washable for optimal use. The costume comes in three sizes.

french bulldog wearing a pig dog costume

Rubie's Disney: Winnie The Pooh Pet Costume

If you want something really fancy, check out Rubie's Disney: Winnie The Pooh Pet Costume. The 100-percent polyester outfit comes in two pieces, a shirt, and a headpiece. You can skip the latter and use the main part as a winter coat to get more out of your purchase. The legs hang loosely with no binding. There is also an opening on the top to attach a leash. It comes in four sizes.

Dog Pig Costumes

FLAdorepet Store Dog Pig Costume

If you need something warmer for your pup, the FLAdorepet Store Dog Pig Costume is the way to go. The one-piece coat is fleece on the inside and polyester on the back. The hood has floppy pig ears attached to complete the look. It’s even waterproof. It’s also hand washable so that you can use it throughout the cold season. This adorable costume comes in six sizes.

dog pig costume

DIY Pig Dog Costume

Of course, you can always make your pet’s costume to order. You can easily make a set of pig ears using white and pink felt with some pipe cleaners to add support. Create a cardboard form with the size you want to make sure they come out the same. Then, simply cut the set using the form as your guide. Attach them to an elastic band for your dog to wear.

The same materials work well for making a curly tail. Just roll up a pipe cleaner in some pink felt. An elastic band works well for an attachment around your dog’s waist. Dress him up, and you’re set to go! You can use the pieces with a pink t-shirt or coat for a quick DIY costume. You can also attach the ears to a hoodie and remove them after the holiday.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is so much fun, but it’s even better if you can share the festivities with your best friend. A pig dog costume will make it a hit. Your pup may even win first prize at the party!

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