Potty training your French bulldog is as important as potty training your kid. A well potty trained French bull will not go around messing in your home and making you mad.

French bulldogs are an obedient breed, but they can also be stubborn. Despite that, they are also quick learners, so you can dedicate some time to potty training them.

The initial training sessions might prove difficult, but after learning the basics, your French bulldog will hold to the teachings forever. If you're to potty train your French bulldog, it's better to start early enough to make your job much easier. It's advisable to start doing this once your dog is 8 weeks old.

This guide elaborates on the right procedure to potty train your French bulldog.

Is Potty Training a French Bulldog Easy?

Since French bulldogs are smarter, potty training them can be easy. However, this depends on the approach you use and your patience.

This is because there is no shortcut to doing this, and the dogs that undergo shortcut potty house training end up messing around. For example, they might have potty accidents for months, which can become messy to rectify.

To some puppies going potty outside means lots of treats and praise, so they will do it to get favors. However, not all of them bother about that and comfortably go indoors.

It's common for your French bulldog to play and exercise outdoors without going potty. But immediately they get indoors, they can pee anywhere without worries.

This happens because most puppies fail to understand that housetraining means not peeing outside but also in other areas within the house. Your French bulldog might take time to figure out the right ‘potty’ spot and make it a habit to visit it when pressed. So, it takes heart to understand, and potty train them.

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Things You’ll Require for Potty Training Your French Bulldog

The following are the things you will need to successfully potty train your French bulldog:

  • Training pad
  • Crate
  • Training treats
  • Patience
  • Time
  • Leash
  • Consistency

When Should French Bulldog Potty Training Begin?

The best time to begin potty training your French bulldog is immediately after you bring them home. If your dog is from the breeder, they are most likely about 8 weeks old. Your 8-week-old dog should start undergoing potty training without a second thought.

Using the first few days of having your puppy in a new environment is advisable to teach them good habits. But ensure your puppy is healthy with no urinary infections or parasites that can affect potty training.

You can call your vet to examine the dog before staying in your home for more than 2 days. After that, start potty housetraining your French bulldog.

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Structure a Set Routine

Since potty training is a new routine you will introduce your dog to, structure it out first. Structuring a routine will help you stay consistent and adhere to rules or regulations.

You can do potty training as a morning routine if you're into waking up early. However, if you can't make it early, set a preferred time, like after feeding your French bulldog.

Then make it a habit of taking your dog outside for bathroom breaks at the set time. This should be after each meal, drinking water, and sleeping. It's also good to set a potty routine after playing or exercising, as French bulldogs tend to be quite excitable.

With time your French bulldog will get used to this routine and eagerly wait for you for their potty breaks. If you're consistent with this training, it becomes a natural habit for your puppy.

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Set Up a Potty Area

Apart from setting a potty routine, you should also set up a potty training area. Choose an appropriate spot within the house where you will be taking your dog to potty every day. It should be an easy-to-access area where they can go whenever they want to use the bathroom.

A room next to your French bulldog’s sleeping area is the right pick that won't inconvenience them. If your puppy sleeps in their crate, place their potty training area next to it. Then bring a pee pad to this area.

However, this depends on your French bulldog's size and age. The potty box helps your puppy learn how to use the bathroom quickly. Introducing the potty pads on the box will help your dog associate this area with a toilet, and they will come here when pressed.

Utilize Puppy Pee Pads

The potty pads make it easier for any puppy to identify the right potty spot. So, introduce the pads to your dog and help them differentiate them from the furniture and floor.

If your Frenchie recognizes the potty pads, you won't experience accidents in the house. But encourage your puppy to poo outdoors often.

The puppy pee pads can also help your puppy learn how to retain pee before you take them outside. To train your puppy to hold their pee put some puppy pads in the house and keep moving them towards the door. After some time, your Frenchie will go outside to potty without your company.

Use Treats as a Reward

If you want to succeed in potty training your French bulldog, make treats your good friend. Use different treats to reward your dog whenever they pee in the right spot. The treats will make your puppy believe that peeing outdoors is a positive skill that attracts rewards.

Use only food treats and give them in moderation. However, be ready for surprises, as your dog will expect treats whenever they do something good. So, be careful with your reward and only give your Frenchie the treats after using the outdoor bathroom in the right spot.

Don't allow your dog to manipulate you into giving them treats. Also, decrease the reward frequency with time as your puppy adapts to the new routine.

Switch From Pee Pads to the Peeing Outdoors

After setting a routine and teaching your French dog to pee in a given spot with or without treats, it's time to introduce a new method. Take them from using the pee pads to peeing outdoors in the preferred spot.

You can use treats to help you achieve this without many challenges. But ensure you only reward them if they pee outdoors and teach them to do this without treats.

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Consistency is Key

When potty training your French dog, understand that consistency is key to achieving your goal. The process can be challenging as the puppy adjusts to the new life and environment.

So be there for your dog and show them the right thing to do. Keep doing this repeatedly until your puppy gets the new habit and sticks to it. Follow the set routine religiously to prevent accidents and make the whole process fun.

Don't scold or force your dog to potty, as this will create a negative response. Consistency will help your puppy potty independently and cooperate well.

Give it Time (Patience)

Time is all you need for your French bulldog to identify the right potty area and go there independently. Be patient, allow your puppy to make errors, and learn how to do the right thing.

As you give your dog time to learn the potty-going trick, keep reminding them of the right thing to do. Remember, the more you teach the puppy, the easier it becomes. It's advisable to start the potty journey early enough before they develop habits that can be tricky to leave.

You must also be patient, as every dog responds differently to potty training. Unlike your friend's dog, you might have to wait longer for your French bulldog to adapt to the potty routine.

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Be Attentive to Potty Signs

Remember to look out for the potty signs your dog shows when pressed. Most dogs portray some signs before potty, and you need to be keen to identify them. Some of the common signs you can look out for include the following:

  • Barking at you
  • Running and sniffing around you
  • Whining
  • Staring at you
  • Unnecessary pacing
  • Running in circles

Clean Accidents up Quickly

When potty training, your French bulldog you can expect to experience accidents between the sessions. Even though this can be disgusting, your dog will improve and do it correctly.

But if your dog makes a mistake, clean the mess quickly. Use an odor neutralizer or a dog solution to clear the pee’s smell or poop.

It's good to clean up the mess faster to prevent your dog from returning to it. But don't scold your puppy for such a mistake; let them learn from it. If you clean the mess immediately, it will help your dog learn that that's not the right potty spot, and they will change it.

Final Thoughts

Potty training your French bulldog can be an uphill task if this is your first time doing it. However, with the right approach and tricks, you will enjoy doing this.

Be patient and consistent with the training routine to allow your dog to stick by it. Also, give your puppy time to make some errors before becoming independent.

But don't force your dog into doing something they don't want. Let them learn to potty from the potty box with pee pads, then move outdoors in the designated area. Make this whole process easier by introducing treats.

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