Let’s check out the 5 best brushes for short-haired dogs, and what makes these the perfect choice!

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Should You Brush a Short-Haired Dog?

Do you have a short-haired dog? Great! They are adorable, easy to keep clean, and don’t require much grooming maintenance. You won’t find the giant clumps of hair laying around your house that you would if you had a long-haired pup. But the big question is… should you brush a short-haired dog?

Long-haired dogs need to be brushed frequently because of issues like: getting big knots in their fur, having clumps of dirt or pieces of nature stuck in their fur, and needing help getting rid of those long loose hairs.

Although short-haired dogs aren’t going to struggle with the same issues as long-haired dogs, brushing their hair does help to keep their skin and fur healthy and shiny. And you’ll get rid of those tiny loose hairs.

But there are big differences in the types of brushes you should use for a short-haired dog versus a long-haired dog.

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How Do You Brush a Short-Haired Dog?

Brushing a short-haired dog will not only help with the health of their coat, but it also helps get rid of any dust, dirt, and debris that is sitting on your dog’s hair and skin.

Always brush from front to back, and top to bottom. This is true for all dogs, but it’s especially important for short-haired dogs. Because their fur is more coarse, you should brush with the direction of their fur, so you don’t accidentally hurt your dog’s hair and skin.

What Kind of Brush is Best for a Short-Haired Dog?

There are certain things you should look for in a brush for short-haired dogs. And keep in mind that all brushes are not created equally. What your dog needs will be completely different from what a long-haired dog would need. Make sure to look for the qualities listed below.

1. Bristle brushes

Bristle brushes are best for your short-haired dog’s fur because they don’t need to brush out big knots. Instead, they need the dirt, dust, and loose hairs gently pulled off. This type of brush will also help their natural oils to spread around on their fur and skin. Bristle brushes are softer, which makes them great for short-haired dogs.

2. Boar-bristles instead of synthetic bristles

Speaking of soft brushes, the boar-bristle brushes are made from natural boar’s hair. These will get the job done, while being soft and gentle enough for your sweet, short-haired pup. Synthetic bristles are typically better for long-haired dogs.

3. Pin-style brushes with rounded tips

Pin-style brushes have long, spaced-out pins as the bristles. These are nice for short-haired dogs because they don’t pull as much as a brush for long-haired dogs. And make sure the pins have rounded-tips—it will be much gentler on your pup’s skin.

4. Easy to clean, or self-cleaning

Some dog brushes are designed to be easier to clean around the bristles. And some even have a “self-cleaning” button that pushes out all of the loose fur, dirt, and dead skin. Keeping your dog’s brush clean will be much healthier for their skin and coat.

5. Ergonomic handles

If you’re hoping to brush your pup regularly—and especially if you have a larger dog—you’ll want a brush that is comfortable to hold and use. Certain dog brushes are ergonomically-designed to prevent your hand and wrist from hurting after repetitive use.

6. Anti-slip handles

Some brushes come with anti-slip handles, which can also be very helpful! If you like brushing your pup after bathing them, the moisture will make a typical handle slippery. Especially if your dog tends to move around a lot while you’re brushing them.

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The 5 Best Dog Brushes for Short-Haired Dogs

Ok, now it’s time for some suggestions of the best brushes for short-haired dogs. Please keep in mind to also do your own research, and always read the reviews before you purchase anything!

Here are some great brushes we’ve found for short-haired dogs with a variety of features—listed in order of the most online reviews.

1. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Not only is the Hertzko brush rated at 4.5 stars on Amazon from over 64,000 people, it also shows up on many of the online lists of top brushes for short-haired. Everyone loves this brush because it has an ergonomic, non-slip handle with a self-cleaning button to push out all of the loose fur and dirt. They claim it works for dogs and cats of every fur length and type.

2. Pet Grooming Glove

These are the classic pet grooming gloves. If you haven’t seen them before, they may look a little funny. But they are actually very easy to use, and they work really well on dogs with short hair. The “bristles” are made from silicone and rubber, so they feel soft and gentle on your dog’s skin. Your pup will think they are receiving a great massage because you use these gloves like you’re petting your dog.

3. ROPO Dog Grooming Bath Brush

These bath brushes are also very soft because they are made from high-quality rubber. They are water-proof and very durable. So you can actually use them while you’re bathing your dog. And the material makes them super easy to clean.

4. BioSilk for Dogs Eco-Friendly Grooming Brush

The BioSilk brush is designed with soft boar-bristles. This brush for dogs has an ergonomic handle, plus soft, gentle bristles. And the head of the brush is actually slightly curved so it “contours to your dog’s body.”

5. CRBN Short Hair Dog Brush

The last brush on our list currently has only 427 reviews, but still has a rating of 4.5 stars. And this one is actually “Amazon’s Choice.” It is simple, but works great for short-haired dogs, and is actually dual-purpose. One side has soft bristles that are great for any de-tangling or removing of loose hairs and dirt. And the other side has rubber bristles that will feel like a gentle massage—perfect for brushing your pup’s wet fur after a bath.

You can’t go wrong with any of the brushes from this list. And if you keep our advice in mind, you’re guaranteed to find the best brush for your sweet pup!

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