Beaded dog collars are a stylish and unique accessory for your furry friend. Not only do they add a pop of color and personality to your dog's outfit, but they can also serve as a form of identification and protection.

You can expect to pay between $5 and $20 for a typical collar. Indulge your pet to your heart's content with something special. We've put together a round-up so that you can see what's available for your snazzy dog.

You can purchase all of these collars in your standard collar style and one can even be upgraded to attach your Fi tracking device!

It is probably your priority to choose a collar that is comfortable for your dog. Chafing his neck is the last thing you want. An essential feature is the closure. One of the most popular types is the buckle. Another option is the quick-release. It’s a smart choice if you have an escape artist for a pet. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck before you buy. Add 2 inches extra so that the collar has some give.

Hypnotic Dog

(One of our favorite Fi Makers if you are looking for a collar that really stands out!)

Pair your Fi GPS Tracker with our premium, unique beaded dog collars! All Hypnotic Dog beads are strung through aircraft-grade steel cable and securely crimped on both ends with your pup’s safety in mind.

Southwest Distinctions

Southwest Distinctions
Each collar is hand beaded with the beaded strip inlaid between 2 pieces of leather to protect the beading. We also do a stitch groove so the topstitching is pulled down tight which will protect the thread. Also, notice a hand stamped leather design next to the stitching is applied which adds a little extra special touch. We like to taper the ends of the collar to allow the use of a smaller buckle, this makes for a nice clean look but a straight collar can also be ordered. We use Hermann Oak leather on all our products, Hermann Oak leather is a high-grade leather made in the USA. This leather will give your dog many years of wear and comfort.

Weaver Leather Beaded Basketweave Dog Collar

These dog collars are handcrafted from rich dark brown oiled leather with basketweave tooling for timeless style. Features intricate Aztec design beaded inlay, antique copper spots and an oblong center bar buckle for a sleek look.


Beaded Dog Collar

Our dog collars are luxury master pieces, completely unique and handmade by artisan women in Brazil. The vibrant colors, sun reflecting beads and unique design will make your little baby shine. Our pieces use full grain leather which is the highest rating for leather quality. Because full grain leather has the full, complete grain of the hide, it is the most durable leather and is solely used by luxury brands.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many options, ranging from classic designs to cutting-edge ones that make a statement. You can also add a matching leash to complete the look with several of the products we reviewed.

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