Curly-tailed dogs are adorable—there's no doubt about it! Check out our list of the top 10 curly-tailed dog breeds, and some fun facts about each.

Adorable Curly-Tailed Dogs

Every dog breed is special and unique in its own way. And they each have specific traits that identify which breed they are. Lucky for us, there’s a whole group of curly-tailed dogs of varying sizes, personalities, colors, and fur length. After you’ve learned a little about each, you’ll be able to pick the perfect pup for you!


The Akita was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1972, and is originally from Japan. These large, furry pups are fiercely loyal to their families and known to be great guardians. They can weigh 70-130 pounds, be 24-28 inches tall at the shoulder, and live 10-13 years. Akitas were originally “bred for hunting large game such as bear and elk.” They are described as dignified and courageous. Akitas can be pretty intimidating around strangers, but very loving and affectionate with their family.

dog laying in fall leaves

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is another very furry, curly-tailed pooch. They are known to be affectionate, loyal, and playful, and for their sledding and hauling work. This breed is a work dog that needs a job to stay mentally and physically stimulated. Alaskan malamutes are 23-25 inches tall at the shoulder, 75-85 pounds, and typically live 10-14 years. These dogs have high energy and need lots of activity, but are easily trainable. And with the right socialization and training, they can be great family dogs.

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is playful, perky, and smart. They are affectionate with their family—including children. They’re known to be good watch dogs and are easily trainable. American Eskimo dogs do have high energy, and will need lots of exercise and activity. This breed actually originated in Germany, and has a standard size, miniature size, and toy size. But the standard size lives to be 13-15 years old, weighs 25-35 pounds, and stands 15-19 inches tall.


Basenjis are cute little hound dogs from Africa that are smart, poised, and independent. They live 13-14 years, weigh 22-24 pounds, and stand 16-17 inches tall. This breed has short, sleek hair, a muscular body, and a curlicue tail. “Considered one of the oldest dog breeds in the world... These nimble and agile dogs were used for hunting in the Saharan Desert.” And believe it or not, these dogs don’t bark! But they do let out the occasional yodel or howl. Just keep in mind that they need lots of exercise and a contained outlet for all their energy.

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Chow Chow

Chow Chows are large, fluffy, curly-tailed dogs from China. They are serious-minded, bright, and dignified dogs with adorable scrunchy faces. Their height is 17-20 inches. Their weight is 45-70 pounds. And their life expectancy is 8-12 years. These affectionate dogs were bred for hunting, herding, sledding, and guarding. They are loyal to their families, but sometimes aggressive with other animals. They do need to be mentally stimulated, and are best known for being watchdogs.

Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz weighs 20-33 pounds, lives 13-15 years, and is 15.5-20 inches tall. They are known to be lively, friendly, and good-natured dogs. They are also very affectionate, very good with children, and very good with other dogs—making them a great family dog! They were originally bred to hunt, and have high energy levels. This breed definitely needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation.


These little furballs are only 6-7 inches tall, 3-7 pounds in weight, and they live 12-16 years. Pomeranians are definitely one of the most popular curly-tailed dogs because of their tiny cuteness. They are extremely affectionate, and are good with children and other dogs. They are known for being lively, bold, and inquisitive. It is said that Queen Victoria helped to make these little cuties so popular.

pomeranian dog sitting on lap


Another extremely popular curly-tailed dog breed… the pug! These silly looking pups have little squishy faces, but big personalities! They are 10-13 inches tall, weigh 14-18 pounds, and live to be 13-15 years old. Pugs are very affectionate, great with children, and good with other dogs. They are somewhat protective, but pretty friendly to strangers, very playful, and easy to train. They are said to be loving, charming, and mischievous dogs.


Samoyeds are known for their big fluffy, white fur, and their big friendly “smile.” They are cold weather dogs, hence the large fur coat. And the sides of their mouth actually curl up to help prevent them from drooling, so that icicles don’t form in the subzero temperatures. Hence the “smile.” But don’t worry, their double-coat also helps to insulate them in the summer. These dogs are very affectionate, and are good with other dogs and children. They are 19-23.5 inches tall, 35-65 pounds, and live 12-14 years. The Samoyeds are said to be gentle, adaptable, and friendly dogs.

samoyed dog in a forest

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a curly-tailed dog breed from Japan. They are muscular, active, alert, and attentive. They live to be 13-16 years old, weigh 17-23 pounds, and stand 13.5-16.5 inches tall. Shibas Inu are very affectionate, and are good with other dogs and kids. They are great watchdogs, and need lots of mental and physical stimulation. These dogs are also considered to be an ancient breed, and they make great family dogs.

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