The Great Dane and Pitbull Mix, also known as the Great Danebull, is a hybrid breed designed to capture the best traits of both lines. In particular, the Great Danebull fuses the energy, health, and affectionate traits of the Pit Bull with the friendliness, size, and patience of a Great Dane. You'll get a breed that is lovable and energetic enough while still being tempered, friendly, and majestic!

Before we cover the hybrid breed some more, let's take a look at the two individual breeds.

The Majestic Great Dane

The Great Dane was originally a German breed that was very popular as early as the 16th century. Since then, it has become famous all over the world for its huge size and great strength, as well as its goofy, cute face and royal bearing.

Great Danes were used by the nobility as hunters in the past, but now they are often used as a sign of luxury, wisdom, or temperance. One even served as a morale booster in the British Navy!

Great Danes, much like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, do tend to develop heart diseases. This has unfortunately led to their nickname of “The Heartbreak Breed” in recent times. They may be subject to other physical ailments as well, such as hip and vertebrae problems. Nevertheless, Great Danes do tend to live upwards of 12 years or more!

Interestingly, the famous Scooby Doo is considered a Great Dane. He's quite a unique representative of the breed!

Gran Danés - "Orange and Teal Style"

The Feisty Pit Bull

Pit bulls are descendants of various bulldog and terrier breeds. They are an American breed that has been fairly popular since the mid-19th century.

Pit Bulls have a bad reputation for being too aggressive, perhaps because they are often used in dog fighting. This could be because of their name or the way they look. This is not always the case: if properly raised, pit bulls can be extremely lovable and affectionate dogs!

An aggressive Pit Bull, especially one raised for dog fighting, will be less likely to release after biting. The moral of the story is simple: do not raise a dog for such barbaric activities, and you'll be much less likely to have a problem with the breed.

Pit Bulls may have some bad traits, but they are healthy, easy to care for, and very loyal to their owners, even if they might not be so to some strangers. They're a great pick if you want an energetic and loyal companion that is fairly low maintenance.

The Great Danebull: A Breakdown!

As mentioned before, the Great Danebull is a hybrid breed between the Great Dane and the Pitbull. They combine the sheer size and muscularity of the Great Dane with the goofy facial features of the Pit Bull—particularly their adorable floppy ears! Like with most hybrids, however, the results may vary when it comes to physical appearance.

Advantages of the Great Dane and Pitbull Mix

One can probably see why a crossbreed between the Pit Bull and the Great Dane is desirable. We'll cover that next!

  • The best of both worlds. It should be clear now that this crossbreed combines the friendly nature and size of the Great Dane with the loyalty and aggression of the Pit Bull, giving you a breed that amplifies the positive traits of their parents while weeding out some of the negative tendencies. Nothing is better than a pet who is both loyal to you and friendly to strangers, or one that is fairly easy to maintain while still being large and strong. Let's get into more specifics!
  • Health. Great Danebulls are often healthier than normal Great Danes.
  • Watchdog tendencies. They combine the aggressiveness of Pit Bulls with the hunting instincts of a Great Dane, making them highly aware of their surroundings and unafraid to be vocal.
  • Friendliness toward other dogs. Sure, they may be bred from a dog fighting line, but don't fret! They retain the kindlier nature of the Great Dane, despite having some of the energetic tendencies of Pit Bulls.
  • Affectionate. Despite being a larger breed and partially descendant from an even larger one, Great Danebulls retain the lapdog tendencies of their Pitbull ancestors. In other words, they see themselves as a smaller dog than they are, so they won't be afraid to get up close and personal! Many people keep dogs for tactile affection, and Great Danebulls are a surprisingly solid provider of such unconditional love!
  • Low grooming requirements. Much like their Pitbull forebears, Great Danebulls aren't difficult to maintain. They do not have a massive coat of fur or anything of the sort. They do shed somewhat often, but the shedding is not a massive event like some other breeds or hybrids.
  • Ease of training. Due to their intelligence and friendly/loyal mix, this is a dog that's fairly easy to train.

Disadvantages of the Great Dane and Pitbull mix

  • General hybrid disadvantages. Although some people will find such “best of both worlds” breeds to be an all-around winner, some people may prefer the extra aggression of a pure Pitbull or the majestic appearance of a pure Great Dane. Be sure to research both breeds extensively before determining if a mix is right for you!
  • Exercise requirement. These are highly active dogs that require a lot of exercise. If you cannot give them that each day, they may get feisty or unhealthy.
  • Short life span. Despite being relatively healthy, they are a large breed. Like the Great Dane, it's somewhat uncommon for them to live beyond 12 years, even if they are as healthy as their Pit Bull parent.
  • Separation anxiety. These dogs can be almost too attached to their owner. If you have to leave the house for extended periods, they may be prone to vocalization or will cause problems around the house.
  • Size problems. The Great Dane and Pitbull Mix are quite massive—upwards of 90 pounds—but they see themselves as smaller than they are. While this may be an advantage, as it facilitates affection, it could lead to a problem if they jump on frail people or small children. Be careful!


If you're looking for a breed that brings the health, energy, and low maintenance of a Pit Bull while also offering some of the friendliness, size, and awareness of a Great Dane, you can't go wrong with this mix! As with all mixes, your results may vary; be sure to do plenty of research beforehand! And make sure to give your new dog lots of love!

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