Meet Fi's newest Maker: Lucky + Dog, based in Austin, TX! They believe that our dogs are a part of our family and are not “just a dog”, so their gear should reflect that.

When you purchase from Lucky + Dog, your dog will receive a sophisticated and stylish product that's made to last them a lifetime. Each collar is crafted with heavy-duty polyester-cotton webbing, military grade buckles, and solid brass D-rings for maximum strength. Quality and style are the name of the game and Lucky + Dog does not mess around!

And the best part about Lucky + Dog is that with every item you purchase, the same item will be donated to a no-kill shelter in the US. You can check out all of the new Fi collar band options from Lucky + Dog here.

You can view the full list of our Fi Makers here.

If you're interested in becoming a Maker, please email!

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