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  • Who: Queen Henrietta The Great aka Henry is a very social, very awkward floof who has never met a stranger she didn't like. She takes her job of Queen of the Acacia Tree Farm very seriously, ensuring the safety of the humans, dogs, and cats of the farm. When not lording over the official inhabitants, she keeps watch over the resident doe who brings her babies to rest in our fields while she feeds, knowing Henry will keep them safe.
  • Part of the Fi Pack since September 2019
  • Location: Georgia
  • Age + Breed: 4.5 years old, Great Pyrenees Mix
  • Longest Streak: 76 days
  • Step Goal: 12,000
  • Time of escape: Late Afternoon
  • Roughly, time of reunion: Within the hour!
Fi Collar

So, what happened?! How did Henrietta go missing and what did you do?

I am a corporate trainer and work from home. After my last training session for the day ended, I went outside and saw Lucy our blue Pit, but no Henrietta, our Great Pyrenees mix. They had been playing in the yard, and usually are well behaved.

Grace (our other Pit) stays with me inside during the day because she can't be trusted, and also has a Fi Collar specifically for that reason. I immediately turned on the lost dog mode on Henry’s Fi collar and saw she was super far from the house (nearly a mile), and that GPS hadn't updated in 25 minutes, so I hopped in the truck and took off to find her.

Thankfully, the area where it said she was had recently been cleared (all of the trees harvested for timber) so I could get the truck way up into the back near the pond where the app said she was hanging out. I called and called but couldn't find her. Our locator icons were right on top of each other on the live map, so I started looking over the bank of the pond, and there she was about 7 feet down, half submerged and not moving!

Fi Collar Gps

She hadn’t made a peep when I was calling for her and my mind went to worst case scenario immediately, as you can imagine. I about lost it when all I could see was her fur under the water and didn't see her head at first due to the fallen tree. Once I could see her head above water and that she was very much alive and scared and no coaxing got her to move, down the embankment I went, into the water.

She was ensnared in a beaver trap. Thank goodness the pond was next to a farm where people were home and outside and knew how to get her out of it. After a couple of minutes standing in the water with her and yelling for help, folks drove over and were able to assist. Henry’s front right paw was damaged from being caught in the trap, and so I found an emergency vet that was open 80 miles away and took off.

So incredibly thankful for her Fi Collar as we had her out of the water within an estimated 45 minutes of when she was trapped. No break, just super sore and groggy from the pain meds. Once again, our Fi collar worked like a charm, as I'm sure that if we hadn't had a Fi on Henry, we would have never found her. Never a dull moment at the farm, and thank you, Fi!

Once the adrenaline wore off and we got a (relatively) clean bill of health from the emergency vet, I sat in the back of the car with Henrietta and just held her and cried with relief!

What else would you like to add about your experience?

Our Fi Collars have literally been a life saver, and we recommend them to every dog own we meet. We also love the Fi Makers who allow the collars to reflect our dogs’ personalities!

Have an amazing #FoundByFi story of your own? We want to hear it! Email press@tryfi.com so we can share it!

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