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  • Who: Lumen is quirky! She’s a cat inside and a dog outside. She loves other dogs and running in the woods. She’s scared of everything, but will snuggle with anybody!
  • Part of the Fi Pack since September 2020
  • Location: New Hampshire
  • Age + Breed: 4 years old, Chow Chow Mix
  • Longest Streak: 4 days
  • Step Goal: 10,000
  • Time of escape: Mid-day
  • Roughly, time of reunion: About an hour later
How the Fi Collar's GPS Saved Lumen

So, what happened?! How did Lumen go missing and what did you do?

Our quirky and skittish rescue pup, Lumen, is a Covid puppy! She is sweet, lovable, and obsessed with other dogs, but wants NOTHING to do with other humans besides me.

About 5 months into having her in our lives, I started working again, and I brought Lumen to a friend's house to watch her for the day. She escaped and for 3 VERY long days, we searched endlessly for our girl. We received copious amounts of help and calls from anonymous people, who were seeing her and trying to catch her, but we still needed to find out where she was. Lumen was not about to run up to a random stranger, so I knew I would need to be there.

We had been camping in our car for 3 nights in the areas she was last spotted when we finally received a call at 2 am that she was actually sitting in the very driveway we were camping. When I called her name, she ran directly into my arms, solidifying my hope that she had not run away from home, but was trying to run toward home!

That was when we realized she needed a GPS collar. We did a little research and settled on the Fi Series 3 Collar. We immediately ordered it and she has been wearing it ever since.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I was traveling in Iceland. My husband brought Lumen with him to his parent's house for the weekend. He was out with some friends and I was in another country, both oblivious to what was about to happen. I received the call that I dreaded… my worst nightmare come to fruition, Lumen had escaped from his parent's house.

My husband called me frantically saying his Fi App was not working. Luckily, all the way from Iceland, I was able to connect to the Fi App, switch her to the “Lost Dog” mode, and locate her exact position within 30-60 seconds. From about 2,500 miles away, I could explain precisely where Lumen was. She was about a mile from his parent's home. I was on FaceTime on one screen and watching her location through the Fi App on the other, as they closed in on her location. She was precisely where the app said she would be. I watched as she came into view, and I finally breathed again. Mind you, I had 3 other friends in the rental car with me who now let out a collective “Thank God” breath as well.

Now to conquer the next challenge… how to actually coerce her into someone else’s arms other than my own. I watched as my husband and his mom slowly maneuvered her onto a pedestrian bridge, where they could “trap” her in the middle. Seeing her predicament, she immediately walked right up to my husband and she was caught!!

It felt so good to switch her from “lost dog” to found. I could not be more impressed with this company and relieved that the tracking system worked as well and as precise as it did. Lumen was located because of the Fi Collar. While she has been to his parent's house before and is comfortable in that area, it’s 45 miles away from our home, and she would have been lost 100% without the Fi Collar and the GPS tracking app.While I hope I never have to click that “Lost Dog” button again, I’m grateful we had and have the protection and peace of mind of the Fi Collar. Lumen is safer and we are more carefree knowing the collar is on her! Thank you so much for having a product that works! I hope none of your customers ever have to utilize your services… just like insurance. Worth it, you pay for it, but hope you really don’t have to use it!

How the Fi Collar's GPS Saved Lumen

What else would you like to add about your experience?

We’ve just really felt a huge relief knowing the collar is on her and we don’t have to worry as much. She’s a sweet girl but she just wants to be with her people. When her people aren’t around, she goes on a search for them and then she gets lost… she’s a dog who needs a GPS collar.

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