#FoundbyFi is a series where we share lost dog stories (who were recovered!) from our Fi Community. Do you have an amazing #FoundByFi story of your own? We want to hear it! Email press@tryfi.com so we can share it.

  • Who: Milo is a timid, sweet, curious, active young Coonhound who can sniff out a squirrel or bunny 3 acres away.
  • Part of the Fi Pack since September 2019
  • Location: Florida
  • Age + Breed: 1 year and 6 months old, Treeing Walker Coonhound
  • Longest Streak: 24 days
  • Step Goal: 15,000
  • Time of escape: 9 am
  • Roughly, time of reunion: 9:20 am
Fi Collar's GPS Tracking

So, what happened?! How did Milo go missing and what did you do?

I was at my radiation oncology appointment an hour away in Orlando when I received the notice that Milo had left home. I immediately called my husband, who was at home. It turned out that the electric gate hadn't closed properly when he came home, and he accidentally let Milo out of the house. I told him that the Fi alert showed Milo had cut across the empty field across the road from us and then headed down that road. My husband quickly went out to search for him.

The next alert from Fi showed that Milo had crossed back across the empty field and was on our road, but further south. In a panic, I called a neighbor who lived on a farm in that area, asking for their help. They immediately headed out to assist in the search. Meanwhile, Milo had returned to our fenced-in property but couldn't get inside. I urgently called my husband and told him to come back home.

Then, another Fi alert came in, showing that Milo had wandered onto the property next to ours and was in the back field. Fortunately, my neighbor arrived before my husband and managed to lift Milo over the fence and bring him back into our property.

I was crying and felt such relief when I got the text Milo was home! Milo had been dumped over our fence last July 3rd and must have been terrified being lost and unable to get back home. Thank you Fi!!

What else would you like to add about your experience?

I had been skeptical about how and if it worked. It was a Godsend... I posted on two lost pet Facebook pages I belong to, and over 300 people have posted interest and were unaware of the technology.

Have an amazing #FoundbyFi story of your own? We want to hear it! Email press@tryfi.com so we can share it!

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