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  • Who: Loki is such a sweet, happy, silly dog who thinks he is an olympic athlete as he jumps over couches, tables, fences with extreme ease. We call him Mr. Houdini as he has figured out how to escape from pretty much any harness. Loki is super loyal and a huge momma's boy as he never leaves my side and always wants to be curled up right by my side at all times (if not on my lap)!
  • Part of the Fi Pack since November 2020
  • Location: Wisconsin
  • Age + Breed: 3 years old, American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
  • Longest Streak: 139 days
  • Step Goal: 13,500
  • Time of escape: In the evening around 7pm.
  • Roughly, time of reunion: About 7 hours later

So, what happened?! How did Loki go missing and what did you do?

My boyfriend and I left Loki with a Rover sitter for the first time (we typically leave him with family) as we vacationed to Alaska. We were on the plane in the middle of our flight when we got a message from our Rover sitter that immediately made my heart sink. That message was that Loki jumped over his fence and escaped, and they could not find him. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and started panicking.

I texted my sister who lives in Wisconsin that my dog was missing (from the sitter's house who was in Chicago). Her, my mom, and a few other family members dropped everything to drive from WI to Chicago in the middle of the night to search for him. The only way they were able to locate Loki was because of the Fi collar. My sister luckily has one for her dog too, so she was able to quickly log into my account, turn on the lost dog mode, and figure out his location based on the GPS functionality.

After 6.5 hours of Loki missing, my sister went to the spot where it showed Loki was and started yelling his name. That's when he came hobbling out (bleeding) from behind a bush to my family's arms. There is not a doubt in my mind that Mr. Loki wouldn't be with us today if it weren't for the Fi collar. This collar changed Loki's and my life.

I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have Mr. Loki in my life.

What else would you like to add about your experience?

  1. Most of my pictures below have my dog Wrigley (black) and Loki (white) as they are inseparable, so it's hard to find one with just him!
  2. This is what I sent to Jonathan, Fi's Co-Founder and CEO:

"I just needed to reach out to thank you so much. Because of you, my dog is still with us today. About two years ago, I was on my way to Alaska and left my dog for the first time with a Rover sitter. As I was on the plane, I got a message from the Rover sitter saying my dog jumped over his fence, escaped, and they couldn't find him. I panicked. He was in a not-so-great area at 1 am, and I was stuck on a plane feeling helpless.

Thank goodness for my family as they rushed down from WI to Chicago in the middle of the night to help find him. He was missing for 6.5+ hours, and the only way they were able to locate him was because of the Fi collar. If they waited any longer to find him, he would've most likely bled to death as he was hurt badly from being hit by a car. So I am beyond grateful for the Fi collar as my dog (Loki) would not be with us today if it weren't for you.

I wrote the Fi support team about this shortly after this happened, but I wanted to personally say thank you to you. Lately, there seem to be a handful of dogs that have gone missing around my neighborhood, and every time I see this, my whole family now goes out to help look as we can totally relate to that painful feeling. And every time I see these missing dogs, I think of my story. We just helped to find one this weekend, and it just hit me that I haven't thanked you personally.

So thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for bringing Loki back to me. I hope you know how much of a difference you have made. If there is anything I can do for Fi, I am 1000% here to help. I am so drawn to your company as I know what an impact these Fi devices have."

Have an amazing #FoundbyFi story of your own? We want to hear it! Email press@tryfi.com so we can share it!

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