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  • Who: Louie is an old soul. Mr laid back and loving life!
  • Part of the Fi Pack since March 2020
  • Location: Iowa
  • Age + Breed: 3 years, 11 months old, Golden Retriever
  • Longest Streak: 16 days
  • Step Goal: 13,500
  • Time of escape: Around 4 in the afternoon.
  • Roughly, time of reunion: We found Louie about 15 min later

So, what happened?! How did Louie go missing and what did you do?

We were going for a run with Louie, his brother Dex, and another friend. We drove a side-by-side UTV along a creek trail that is about 2 miles long, with farm fields on the other side of the creek. The trail was icy, so I was driving slowly. Louie was running along, loving life, when three geese started to fly in low and slow. At the same time, it started snowing heavily, and visibility decreased.

Louie took off after the geese, who spotted him and flew off towards the creek. I put the collar into lost mode, called to the other two dogs, and started to follow him. We got a mile away, and Fi showed that Louie had crossed the road. I couldn't get the two dogs into the side-by-side, so I had to take them back to the house. I called my son, and he came in his truck from the other direction.

Then Fi updated and showed that Louie had crossed back onto our land. It showed Louie in the creek. I sent a screenshot of his location to my son. He was driving on the north side of the creek, and I was on the south side. My son got to him first. Louie had broken through the ice and was patiently waiting to be saved. My son went into the creek and was able to get Louie out. I arrived at that point and got both of them into the side-by-side and back to the house to get warm.

Without Fi that day, we never would have found Louie in time to save him.

Post-Escape: How did it happen?

We felt very blessed to have Louie back safe and sound. Our dogs will never be without a Fi collar because you just never know

Have an amazing #FoundbyFi story of your own? We want to hear it! Email press@tryfi.com so we can share it!

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